The Vision and hard work of many is becoming a reality.  We are excited to report that the project has been given the go ahead by Hilliard City Schools to bid out the construction of the building.  We are now moving toward breaking ground.

Go Panthers!

You can be a part of making history.  We need your help!


For 23 years Hilliard Darby High School has established a tough, gritty and winning culture in athletics. Often viewed as Hilliard’s middle-child of high schools, Darby has simply done more with less – meaning, done more winning than most with less resources. Our current facilities were a duplicate of the 1989 building built as the original Hilliard HS.  The weight room facilities (1200 sq. ft.) were designed during a time when weight training and overall physical training were in their infancy. Times have changed and facilities must adapt! In order to compete with other programs across Ohio (and more importantly Central Ohio), our current and future student-athletes deserve to train on an equal playing field in a modern facility. The facility will also serve our student-athletes at Heritage Middle School, providing them a safe place to learn the fundamentals of strength training while under the tutelage of familiar and invested coaches.


We are kicking off a $300K training facility upgrade that will feature a free standing 8000 sq. ft. steel building. 


Why now and why so large?  Simple! There is no better time than now to address the deficiencies in resources. Housing 9 daily classes of Strength and Conditioning, as well as being the training hub for our 26 athletic programs, our current weight room is busting at the seams, and busting in general. With community and youth organizations also using our gym space and facilities it is difficult for all athletic programs to find training space during the off-season at a reasonable afternoon/evening time. This leaves no time for other students or staff to use the current weight room.


Research at the Mayo Clinic on depression, anxiety and exercise shows that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise help improve mood and reduces anxiety. With current district focus on educating the whole-child and social-emotional health of students, having the capacity to allow more students access to exercise and establishing a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. In order to truly include the entire student body, the plans of this unique facility include space and equipment reserved for students with disabilities from Darby and Heritage that require Adaptive Physical Education. Currently, these students do not have dedicated space or equipment to work on fitness to assist with their motor, sensory, and cognitive abilities.


Our current weight room is used daily from 6 am to 9 pm. With more space and resources, the new facility will be used during the same hours, but provide more efficient, safe and targeted strength training sessions; and allow more teams and students to train simultaneously. After completion of the new facility, Darby plans to turn the current weight room into an Athletic Training/Physical Therapy center. With more space, our athletic trainers in conjunction with Ohio Health will have the ability to provide more effective prevention and postvention physical therapy. This will allow students to use our Athletic Training staff for appropriate therapy instead of paying to go elsewhere.


Fund raising will commence on January 4, 2021.  The Darby Athletic Booster Club is a 503C organization and donations to this non-profit are tax deductible.  We will provide you with any and all information you need to make this decision.



Lawrence A. Wolf

Retired Teacher, Darby HS

(614) 260-1564



You can now use VENMO to make your donations -  @HDABBoosters.




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Thank You! Go Panthers!